Car Key Cutting Machine

Our Car Key Cutting Technology In Action

As car keys become more and more complex the misery of misplacing them or breaking them and then trying to get a new replacement key can potentially be a very expensive and very stressful task.

Most people head straight to a local dealer of the car’s manufacturer, the seemingly easiest and quickest option in such a fix, only to be stung by a lengthy wait and a quite substantial bill at the end of that transaction.

A2Key Locksmiths aims to reduce both the cost and waiting times for a replacement car key considerably whilst providing a quality service. And to ensure we can provide both quality and cost reductions for our customers, we have invested heavily on technology that can deliver both of those things.

We are expert locksmiths, but only humble video editors, but please do take a look at the YouTube video we uploaded showing a peek at the we use in action:

If you require a new car key please call A2Key Now on 07795 474372