Please find below our current service price list.

If there is a service that isn't listed but you think we could help with, please do not hesitate to contact us. We regularly complete jobs and services which aren't listed, and are instead tailored to the customers requirements.

Please note that prices are subject to change without any prior notice given, though we will endeavour to keep our price list here up to date.

Lock Openings
& Changes

Whether you need a lock opening because the lock has seized or you've lost your keys we can help. If you've just moved into a premises or have new tenants, we can change the locks for you.

Lock Openings

Euro Lock
(upvc door)from £59

Yale type Lockfrom £59

(wood door)from £79

Car Lockfrom £69

Lock Changes

Euro Lockfrom £39

Yale type Lockfrom £39

(wood door)from £59

Car Lockfrom £59

CCTV & Alarm

We can create a custom CCTV or Alarm system set-up to suit your needs, whether you require wireless or wired systems with the number of cameras, sensors and extra's to suit.


Wired systems
start from £199


Wireless systems
start from£199

Car Keys

We can cut & copy car keys from a vast range of vehicles. We can create new remote keys too, and order in your car's key codes if that's all you need, as well as repair broken car keys for you.

Chipped Car Key£59.99

Most cars after 1995 use an extra security feature called an immobiliser chip. This chip taks to your cars Ecu (computer) and tells it you have the right key to start the car.

Remote Car Keyfrom £69.99

This is a key with buttons which will open your car doors and with a immobiliser chip that will start the engine.

Car Key£19.99

If you have an old car or just need a key to open your car in case of locking your keys in the boot etc


Service Not Listed?

Don't worry, we do many related custom and to order jobs.

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